Samruk-Green Energy LLP  has successfully confirmed compliance of the Quality Management System with requirements of international standard  ISО 9001:2015 by results of Certification audit.

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Audit was carried out by the independent certification organization TUV NORD CERT with the scope of certification "Design and construction of facilities for use of renewable energy sources. Generation of electrical energy with use of renewable energy sources." Auditor confirmed issue of Quality Management certificate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Recommendations and areas for improvement identified by the auditor facilitate continuous improvement of management system. ISO 9001 - international standard, goal of which to set regulations, and compliance with this standard means that a supplier provides products or services:

- meeting requirements and expectations of clients (consumers);

- complying with the legislation.

Requirements of ISO 9001 cover a wide range of issues, including adherence of the top management to high quality, planning, provision of resources, education and training of personnel, management of production processes and provision of services, examination of satisfaction level of consumers, implementation of corrective events and continuous improvement.