Testing of photovoltaic modules

Samruk-Green Energy LLP offers testing of photovoltaic modules. Samruk-Green Energy LLP has tested photovoltaic modules from domestic producer Astana-Solar LLP at SPP with capacity of 2 MW in Kapshagay.

Testing laboratory RES was established on the base of SPP with capacity of 2 MW in Kapshagay. One of activities of laboratory includes testing of photovoltaic modules of various types (single-crystal, poly-crystal, film, etc.) in real-time and under real weather conditions. Reports and conclusions on compliance of products with stated standards by testing results.

Tested photovoltaic modules (PVM) with the total capacity of up to 5,6 kW are installed on universal metal structure and connected to monitoring system through invertor SMC10000TLRP-10, consisting of  Sunny WebBox, Sunny SensorBox, Power Injector RS-485. Taking readings of PVM is carried out online.