"Samruk-Energy" JSC, following the request of the President of Kazakhstan and intended path of the Government of Kazakhstan, started the development of renewable energy sources (RES). For the realization of projects in the field of RES, in January 25, 2012 under registration number 42317-1901-LLP subsidiary company "Samruk-Green Energy" LLP was established. LLP «Samruk-Green Energy», is a fast growing company operating in the field of energy production from renewable energy sources.

The first project of Samruk-Green Energy LLP

Solar Power Plant of 2 MW in Kapshagay of Almaty region (hereinafter - 2 MW SPP) is the first project of Samruk-Green Energy LLP, which was officially launched in 2013 with involvement of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev. "This is one of the first signs of transition to the "green" economy of our country. I think we will exhibit this at EXPO-2017. I hope Kapshagay project will be a good example for other regions of our country in the field of solar power generation. I hope you will increase its capacity," - the President noted, launching the enterprise.


Elements of domestic production

Kapshagay consists of 16 photovoltaic panels of domestic manufacture "Astana-Solar" with the capacity of 3,68 kW, represented in the framework of trilateral agreement for strategic cooperation, as well as of solar panels of the Slovenian company "BISOL".
Testing laboratory RES was established on the base of SPP with capacity of 2 MW in Kapshagay. One of activities of laboratory includes testing of photovoltaic modules of various types (single-crystal, poly-crystal, film, etc.) in real-time and under real weather conditions.


Area of RES innovative technologies

Since 2015 2MW SPP is an area for testing of RES innovative technologies, including the first in the CIS and the Central Asia technology of energy power accumulating EnergyPod on an industrial scale. Testing of energy accumulating system is carried out in several loading modes with 30 days for each of modes in real-time.


Construction of the 50 MW solar power plant "Solar-Park"

Now the Partnership considers issue on implementation of the project "Construction of the 50 MW solar power plant "Solar-Park" with expansion perspective up to 200 MW in Kapshagay district" with preliminary development of feasibility study. Positive and key aspect of implementation of "Solar-Park" project is possibility of application of existing experience of construction and operation of project "Construction of solar power plant with the capacity of 2 MW in Kapshagay of Almaty region".